Baby’s First Winter: How To Keep Little One Healthy & Protected


Have you recently welcomed a little one? Worried the harsh weather might get a hold of him? Don’t sweat it, folks! You can enjoy the magical baby’s first winter with your new little member.

Sliding into parenthood isn’t fun and smooth, you just gotta trust your instinct and take precautions to keep your little one healthy and protected. Give this blog a read to ensure your baby is far from getting any viral and seasonal diseases.

Dress in Layers in baby’s first winter

Dressing little ones is always fun, especially in winter!

Smaller bodies often lose heat rapidly, which requires dressing them up in multiple layers. The base layer should be snug-fit that wicks the moisture thus the material must be of wool or synthetic fabrics.

To keep the little one warm and cozy, add a middle layer. It must insulate teeny-weeny and doesn’t restrain any movements. It can be of wool or fleece material.

The third and last layer will protect little ones from rain, snow, or breeze. Its material must be breathable and have plenty of room for layers, it can be a waterproof jacket or anything that doesn’t hinder little one’s activity.

Wear Your Baby for Skin Warmth

Time to fetch your carrier, Mommies! Winters are all about more skin-to-skin time with your little munchkin.

To keep your baby warm, wear your baby for extra coziness. Baby Carriers are super useful, as it doesn’t hinder your super parenting and chores; say goodbye to mom guilt!

Moisturize Delicate Baby Skin For First Winter

The harsh atmosphere and sensitive skin – are not an ideal combo to compromise on, especially if it is affecting your little sunshine.

Winters are extremely dry which can easily affect your little boo’s skin. Thus, to keep your little one’s skin soft and supple, you must opt for a good moisturizer. Try going with moisturizers that are specially designed for baby’s skin.

Oiling & Massage Well for baby’s first winter

A cold atmosphere makes your little one’s soft skin, dry and flaky which results in hindering proper growth and development. Massaging little ones daily; stimulates the blood flow within the body which also boosts the immunity of the baby.

Try opting for a good massage oil to keep the little one warm and cozy, especially during the winter season. You must oil massage little ones at least 2 times a day in winter. If you are unsure of which baby oil to go for; try opting for Pigeon’s baby oil. It is enriched with Jojoba and Chamomile extracts to keep your little one’s skin smooth and silky.

Breastfeed Little One

Winters are all about cuddles with your little boo! However, it is more than that; winters require breastfeeding little ones, as breast milk contains antibodies and nutrients which strengthen the baby’s immunity.

Moreover, the warmth of your body relaxes little ones and provides the maximum nutrition to stay healthy.

For instance, if you are bottle-feeding your little one, you won’t be able to provide breastfeeding warmth. However, you can ensure to provide him warm feed with Pigeon’s bottle and feed warmer. Try out the ultimate companion of parenthood to smoothen your new journey!

Most parents might find it challenging to take extra care of little ones. However, try to take precautions beforehand to avoid last-minute hassles.

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