Cleft Palate Silicone Nipple Size: S


Pigeon focused on the fact that infants with CLP who cannot latch on correctly need a uniquely shaped bottle teat to permit them to suck with ease. A normal-shaped teat tends to wedge into the cleft. To overcome this problem, a teat was developed with a thicker wall on the palate side. The teat did not wedge into the cleft, and the infant was able to suck from the teat using peristaltic tongue movement and swallow without spilling milk or choking.

  • Specially designed for the proper feeding of infants with a cleft palate or poor sucking strength.
  • The Y-cut nipple is thick on one side and thin on the other for easy sucking.
  • One-way valve prevents milk inside the nipple from flowing back into the bottle.

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