The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist (Part 1)

Can’t wait to hold your little sunshine in a few weeks? With overwhelming emotions, from anxiousness to excitement, parents often forget about the first and foremost step, which is packing the hospital bag.

In the beginning, you might feel puzzled about what you must include and skip to ensure the necessities aren’t neglected. All the new parents, get your bag ready and start sliding off the following hospital bag essentials.

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Breast Pumps In Hospital Bag

As your little bundle of joy comes into the world, you will need to provide him with the first feed. All Mamas must put a breast pump inside their hospital bag. Ease up tension in the room of the first feed and calm the rush of emotions with convenient breast pumps.

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Most mothers breastfeed their teeny weeny to feel the pure connection between them and some find it difficult to nurse little ones, they prefer expressing the milk. Try to get your hands on breast pumps, that suit and accommodates your needs. 

Moms often prefer Pigeon’s Manual Breast Pump which allows them to express the milk at their own pace. Protected seal with a secure fit for more effective pumping. With dual-phase technology stimulation and expression modes, it reduces hand fatigue with an easy-express handle.

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Recovering from delivery will take you a couple of days. Pack mesh underwear to help you out while you regain your strength. Put 3 to 5 underwear in your hospital because you might will be needing them after delivery.

Bottles in Hospital Bag

With the overwhelming rush of emotions, most moms change their plans of feeding their little ones. If you intend to bottle-feed, pack at least two bottles for the hospital along with trusted formula feed.

Nursing Bra

You might not be aware of the nature of your delivery but you will probably be staying in the hospital for two or three days. It’s essential to slide off some nursing bras in your bag for frequent nursing sessions to stay comfy and nourish your tiny tutu.

Nursing Pads

The moment you will hold your little sunshine, you will feel overwhelmed. The sudden rush of responsibility for the well-being of your mini-you. Save yourself from the hustle of doing laundry, especially for bras due to leaks and stains.

Thus, the best way to protect your bra from leaks. Pigeon’s breast pads, and Comfy Feels are ideal for breastfeeding moms. Disposable pads that absorb 2X more than normal breast pads. Designed for the all-day comfort of motherhood with a breathable outer lining to keep skin moisturized with Aloe Vera extracted lining.

No more leaks on bras with its non-slip adhesive pads that keep them in place. Moms, slide into motherhood hassle-free.

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Final Thoughts

The most stressful packing will be worth it when you will hold your little one and realized the things you packed, comforted both of you. Try to go through the hospital bag checklist to double-check before leaving for the hospital.

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