Are You Taking Care Of Your Baby’s Hygiene Correctly?

The hustle-bustle is real!

Ask any parents, the never-ending chaos of babies is pleasant yet challenging. From taking care of their hygiene to stylin’ them up, parents tend to doubt themselves and thus paternal guilt follows them.

All your hassle can be lessened with the right products that assure your baby the hygiene and care, they deserve.

One of the most important factors of parenthood is to ensure that the Lil Bubs’ immune system is healthy, which makes parents more cautious about their hygiene. With lots of to-dos, tidying up the baby’s essentials requires a massive chunk of the day to clean them thoroughly.

In terms of cleaning baby essentials and accessories, liquid cleansers are known to be the best. Thus, all the following things can be taken care of with only one product!

100% food-grade liquid cleanser

Wash Bottles & Its Nipples Thoroughly

How do you feed your little one? Do you breastfeed or bottle-feed them? Most moms tend to choose the latter due to several challenges in breastfeeding.

Mothers use feeding bottles daily. In all the chaos, parents often forget about the small things, like cleaning bottles and their nipples thoroughly with proper liquid cleansers.

Bottle nipples are wide open to germ contamination. Thus, other than cleaning it, you must inspect the nipples for cracks or tears. When doing so you must toss out, the damaged ones.

The ideal way to clean the baby bottle and its nipples is; Scrub them with a cleaning brush and liquid cleanser in hot water, then rinse. Voila! They are absolutely germ-free!

Cleanse Bub’s Accessories

Bet your little tutu has more accessories than you ever had. So, if you’re looking for the best detergent to clean these tiny accessories.

With a little munchkin in your home, and with the heart of a parent. You must be extra careful about hygiene for the sake of your Lil bub’s health.

Thus, with lots of baby accessories like tableware, toys, silicone bibs, and many more. You need a strong and baby-formulated liquid cleanser, free from all toxic chemicals to clean them all thoroughly without leaving harsh substances on them.

Effectively kills 99.99% of harmful bacteria

Pigeon has one of the most impeccable cleansers designed for baby accessories. All you need to do is thoroughly wipe the baby’s essentials with Pigeon’s Liquid cleansers.

Pre Wash Lil Bub’s Clothes

“Sees cute clothes on Internet? Add them to the cart and get them delivered to your place in weeks.” The obvious sign that you have officially become a parent.

Every parent wants the best for their baby and ensures they have got everything new and trendy piece of cloth. But often parents tend to forget the most important advice; which is pre-washing those newly brought clothes.

Clothes go through a long process before it reaches your door. They sat in warehouses, get stored on shelves, and were possibly manufactured with chemicals. Thus, it’s necessary to pre-wash the baby’s clothes with laundry detergents.

Normally, adults don’t pre-wash their new clothes and it might not be a huge problem for them but babies’ skin is 100 times more delicate and reacts to chemicals harshly than adults.

Try to pre-wash the baby’s new clothes with detergents designed and formulated for kid’s clothes. As they are free from toxic chemicals like Phosphate and Fluorescent. Moreover, don’t shrink or discolor those vibrant and cute little clothes.


Investment in the right products, not only save time but also lessen the hassle. In the end, going an extra mile for your tiny tot is gonna worth spending it.

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